While trying to install (or open) my font, I got an error message which indicates that my font is corrupted. € I'm getting rectangles in place of characters when I try to use my font. 


Fonts may become corrupted due to disk errors or memory errors. 


Copy and paste all of the font characters into a new font window. The idea here is to ONLY copy slots in the font which contain characters. One of the slots which appears empty may contain data which is causing the corruption. Take no chances on transferring this corruption into a new font window. 

1. Shift-click ONLY on slots which have characters in them. 

2. Use Edit/Copy to copy the selected characters to the clipboard. 

3. Use File/New to open a new font window. 

4. In the empty new font window shift-click ONLY on slots which correspond to the same positions in the old font window. 

5. Use Edit/Paste to paste the characters from the clipboard into the highlighted slots in the new font window. 

6. Compare the new font window with the old to ensure that all characters were copied to the correct locations. 


Don't forget to import the metrics into the new font window. Also, to avoid problems, set the width of the space character (decimal 32) to make sure that inter word spacing doesn't change.