I saved my font but I only see a *.fog file instead of a font file.


"File>Save" or "Save As," is used for saving a native Fontographer file. 

The name which is chosen (Example: myfontname.fog) is ONLY the name of the file. The name for a generated font is handled under Element>Font Info>General (the Mac menu is: Element>Font Info). 

This is where the font's Family Name and Style name are entered. Unless this procedure is followed -the generated font will always show up in font menus as "Untitled". FONTS are generated under File>Generate Fonts. 


Any imported metrics or bitmapped screen fonts will remain in a Fontographer file when re-opened. If a font is generated and re-opened, some things may have to be re-imported manually (for example, with a Mac PostScript Type 1 font, the PostScript ID and the suitcase font's FOND ID).