Using Illustrator to copy/paste into Fontographer Issue Illustrator for Macintosh will not copy/paste paths into Fontographer. 


The following procedure is a workaround which will allow you to copy the Illustrator clipboard format directly into Fontographer. We strongly suggest that you save a backup copy of your llustrator file before attempting this. 

1. Open a copy of the file in Illustrator for Macintosh. 

2. Choose Edit > Select All. 

3. Choose Window > Show Swatches. 

4. In the swatches palette, shift-select ALL colors and patterns. Drag these colors to the trash can icon in the lower right corner of the swatches palette or select Delete. These changes will apply only to the current Illustrator document. 

5. You should use the Illustrator tool box to set your fill to none. 

6. Hold down the Option key while selecting Edit > Copy from the Illustrator Edit menu. 

7. Toggle your screen to Fontographer and select a target character slot. 

8. Hold down the Option key while selecting Edit > Paste. 

Additional Information:

Option-Paste will scale the character in the em square. If your object had a fill in Illustrator, it will not paste into Fontographer at all, unless you use Option-Paste. A regular Paste will cause your object to fill the entire em square.

Fontographer cannot import Illustrator strokes or fills. For this reason, it may be necessary to use the Element > Selection Info dialog box to make sure your Fill is set to a 100% tint. The work-around for the PC is to save the file as an Illustrator 1.1 file and then Import the resulting EPS into Fontographer.