I am trying to create a custom single-line font for CNC applications. I made the shapes in Adobe Illustrator and uploaded them to FontLab 7. When I try to export them as a font and use the font in Rhino it does not appear as a single-line font. It appears as double-lined font.


Here is a sample single-line A glyph containing 2 strokes:

Actually you have two opportunities when exporting such a glyph. One is to set the Export Open Contours option to "Close with straight line". FontLab will write the closepath instruction at the end of the code for every stroke.

When standard font software renders this code with the closepath instruction you get the following:

But cutting machines may ignore (actually they should) these contour closing instructions during their work.

Another option is to select "Duplicate and close". FontLab duplicates all strokes and merges their overlapping ends. The contour becomes closed but in this case the cutting machine will move along each stroke twice: