These are the steps to correctly install the TypeRig library and tools:

1. Go to TypeRig on GitHub using this link:


2. Click on Code and then on Download ZIP

3. Unzip the downloaded archive to your Documents folder

4. Run FontLab 8


5. Drag-drop the file Documents\TypeRig-master\install.vfpy onto FontLab icon or into the Fonts panel. This will run the install.vfpy script in FontLab


6. In the TR Module Install dialog, click on Auto Install via Link button:


The script will put the file "typerig.pth" to the C:\Users\you\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python310\site-packages folder on Windows or to the /Users/you/Library/Python/3.10/lib/python/site-packages folder on macOS. This file contains the path to the TypeRig Library which you put into your Documents folder (/Users/you/Documents/TypeRig-master/Lib).


7. In FontLab 8, open the Scripting panel (Window > Panels > Scripting)


8. In the Scripting panel, open the Scripts list then click on "+" at the bottom of the Scripts list:

9. In the Open dialog, browse to Documents/TypeRig-master/Scripts, select the "Delta Machine" folder and click on Select Folder (Win) or Open (Mac):

10. Repeat the last step for "TypeRig GUI" and "TypeRig Tools" folders.

As a result the FontLab Scripts menu and the Scripting panel will contain the TypeRig scripts: